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My inner, very much exaggerated, musings on tv shows & boybands....enjoy ;)

Anonymous asked: What do you think about Tolbooth Records OST?


I don’t really pay attention to anything really. I’m too busy to keep up with everything 😑

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Anonymous asked: Uh before anyone stars to make accusations, Laura was working at the one direction show. She helps out at shows. So why don't people stop talking about her. She didn't cause drama. Fans cause it. End of story


RIGHT? Thank you.

— 9 hours ago
Anonymous asked: So I hear Lolo is with one direction now skanking around?? wtf ever I guess I knew she wasn't anything special to him! A booty call is all! She'll be making drama for those fans now


She’s irrelevant. She’s moved on, I think everybody needs to too.

— 1 day ago
waterandoranges asked: Boys suck, girls suck. Everybody sucks and everybody has the potential not to suck. The best thing you can do is just not dwell on it. Find something else to occupy your time. Yeah, yeah, I know it sounds cliche but it's true. If someone is getting you down, tell yourself that you won't let one person decide how to live your life, whether they know it or not. Only you have the power to control how you feel. Nobody else!


This was really great. You are wonderful :) thanks! xo

— 1 day ago


Killian Jones + Disney’s Captain Hook parallels (part 1)

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Anonymous asked: So what the actual fuck happened to Logan? Snorting coke off of hookers and stuff? Haha :X


Nothing? Lol he’s just taking time off from acting and music

— 2 days ago

How do I get over someone I have very strong feelings for? Boys just suck

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In the finale, Emma and Captain Hook seemed to be taking their relationship to the next level. Is season four their attempt at being a “normal” couple?

Horowitz: There’s no chance that Emma — the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming — and Captain Hook will ever be a normal…

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